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Health Care Marketing Analysis

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Health Care Marketing Analysis
Shanita V. Brown
May 27, 2013
Thomas Sloan

Health Care Marketing Analysis
“The health marketing mix is vital for a successful health promotion campaign (Pralea pg. 43).” In the health care system today, the marketing mix generally is based on the four P’s known as product, price, place and promotion. The product is concrete and solid products and services. The product is the actual physical item. Pricing is based on being able to price the products at a rate in which customers are willing to pay. This means being aware of supply and demand. Place which also means distribution. Placement is how the products are delivered to the customers. ...view middle of the document...

Pricing is extremely important in health care and hospitals. According to Pralea, “a marketing plan should always consider the price component (pg47).” Right now it is one of the most controversial topics out there. Many people at this time is so overwhelmed by the high health care costs, prescription drugs, surgeries, and other health care related costs that are constantly on the rise. Everyone will at some point and time, require health care product or service I their lives, pricing is more than vital. Many people cannot afford even basic health care products and services. Hospitals usually price the products and services by comparing them with other medical facilities in the area. There is also a health care blue book in which both customers and hospitals go to compare pricing of all health care services. At Piedmont Henry Hospital as well as many other medical facilities, payments for services are calculated by Diagnosis Related Group or DRG. Diagnosis related group (DRG) is a system to classify hospital cases into one of approximately 500 groups expected to have similar hospital resource use. The DRGs are assigned a given weight based on each separate case. The weights are used to calculate the case mix index which can be used to adjust the average cost per patient (or day) for a given hospital compared to the adjusted average cost for other hospitals. Like other hospitals, Piedmont Henry wants to ensure that they are targeting the right customers. They have to take into consideration the demographics, where the hospital is located, and their competition.
Placement is concerned with how the products will be distributed to the customers. For a hospital, this would mean how available the product or service is, and whether other hospitals provide that service or not. Piedmont Henry Hospital is one of five major hospitals within the Piedmont Group. All five of these hospitals are located within Atlanta and it metropolitan cities, so they are not to close but close enough that if you could not get to one you could schedule at another, but far enough apart that if you did not have a car, the hospital in your area would be a top priority. The partnership in which this hospital is a part of is enormous when compared to other hospitals in the surrounding areas. These five hospitals are all part of one major development which is the Piedmont Group, so this means that they are not really knocking each other out the box as far as products and services are concerned. They all provide many of the same products and service, but vary a little. As far as other hospitals in the area are concerned, they are probably taking a whopping when it comes to business. Piedmont is a huge well known partnership in which many people value for the services and quality of care it provides. With five hospitals in the Piedmont Group as well as other smaller clinics, it leaves no room for the other hospitals to stay afloat in the health...

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