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Health Care Reform For The United States

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Health Care Reform For The United States
COM 220
Natasha Brown

Health care reform for the United States
Even though it will cost taxpayers a small amount more, Americans have the right to free health care. There are forty seven million Americans are without health insurance and the bill will stop insurance companies from denying Americans from coverage. What the government is trying to pass is a new health insurance reform legislation that will give coverage to many Americans who desperately need it. The benefits for the people would be that everyone would have coverage. This legislation would also hold insurance companies accountable and keep soaring insurance premiums ...view middle of the document...

This table shows the amount of health insurance coverage, by the type of insurance and the age as of 2007.
Under 19 | 78.7 | 60.7% | 5.3% | 0.7% | 27.6% | 2.8% | 11.3% | 8.9 |
Under 65 | 262.3 | 64.4% | 6.5% | 2.7% | 13.8% | 3.2% | 17.1% | 45.0 |
65+ | 36.8 | 35.0% | 25.9% | 93.2% | 8.9% | 7.1% | 1.9% | 0.7 |
All Ages | 299.1 | 60.8% | 8.9% | 13.8% | 13.2% | 3.7% | 3.7% | 45.7 |

This table shows that over forty five million are without insurance, which is almost four percent of Americans do not carry any insurance whatsoever. The table also shows that almost sixty one percent of Americans benefit from employee based insurance programs, and also shows that thirteen percent are on Medicaid or some other type of public healthcare. As the economy grows worse, these numbers are from 2007, and have risen and are expected to keep rising for the uninsured (Lyke, 2009).
This legislation will give the opportunity for Americans to have the same health care options that Congress has (Baucus, 2009, p. 38). This legislation will also bring the cost down for businesses because of the rising cost of healthcare premiums. This in turn will help businesses spend those monies on expanding their business and even hiring more employees. The reform will help people when they lose their jobs, switch their job, or start a new one by always offering insurance within the worker’s means and have good coverage. This plan will also help people that are on Medicare by lowering prescription drug cost as well as offering lower priced gap insurance. In the end, the reform will also help with the national deficit. It will help lower the deficit by more than one hundred billion over the next decade and then over the following decade, more than one trillion (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that does not guarantee access to health care for all their citizens, plus the insurance in the United States is one of the most expensive in the world, but it does not cover as many people as the other countries (Floyd, 2003, p.233).
Health care reform will also hold the insurance companies accountable. Over the years, insurance premiums have increased drastically and they are anticipated to continue to increase. The insurance companies have increased their premiums but have not increased their coverage. In fact, over the years the coverage has lessened and has become harder for people with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies have raised premiums and for no reason, an example of this is Anthem Blue Cross of California had announced that they were going to increase its individual market premiums by as much as thirty nine percent. State officials had questioned this, and asked the insurance company for public...

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