Health In The World Is Complex

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Health in the World Is Complex

In this assignment on health care in regards to the health care system in the United States is quite complex any everybody would understand that. If I was a health care administrative professional, several factors influence the industry. Health care is said to be, “the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions.”
The U.S health care system has evolved so much over the last few decades and more changes are geared towards the health care system. Our health care system is not perfect but there some forces that ...view middle of the document...

Comparison of Drug Prices in the U.S to Other Countries
Drug prices in the United States in comparison to the country of Germany are astronomical. “The prices of drugs have an elevated level of economic inference for the people. Drug prices affect patient compliance; they affect public health and thus affect the progress of a nation. Different nations have different regulatory systems for the control of prices of drugs. Pharmaceutical market structure also differs greatly across nations in range of compounds, presentations, use, generic shares and number and type of manufacturers. This diversity makes a perfect price comparison, a difficult proposition.
However, some studies are available, which found out, using valid techniques, significant differences in prices among different countries.” The United States of America is a major player in the innovation of drugs. The United States of America’s market is based on cutthroat structure and is therefore meticulously sustained by insurance companies.
In the country of Germany versus the United States, you would see high use of new products, strong competition amongst generic drugs, high generic shares and low generic prices. I find it ironic that cost of drugs in the United States for name brand drugs are a lot higher than that in Germany, The United Kingdom and in China. I know see why many patients/people go with generic brands in the United States because brand name drugs are not necessarily covered by medical companies today.

Career trends in Health Care
There are so many different titles or jobs I would say that you could associate with the medical profession dating back to the year 2000. When I first heard about the bursting shortage, I wanted to go into being a pediatric nurse because I enjoyed working with people until I realized all the hard work that comes with it. Some of the health care professions just to name a few are as follows:
1. Allied health
2. Complementary and alternative medicine and therapies
3. Communication sciences
4. Counseling
5. Dietetics
6. Dentistry and related fields
7. Expressive/creative arts therapies
8. Health information and communication
9. Laboratory science
10. Medical imaging
11. Medicine Nursing
12. Pharmacy
13. Physician assisting
14. Podiatry Psychology
15. Therapy and rehabilitation
16. Veterinary medicine
17. Vision-related professions
Out of all the seventeen listed health care professions I have listed above, I believe allied health and therapy rehabilitation will be the most economically rewarding because there is always a shortage for nurses and therapy rehabilitators. Think of the nursing profession and what nurses mean to the country all over the world. Nursing is a verb and is defined as the following things according to
1. The practice or profession of caring for the sick
2. To look after carefully and promote growth and...

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