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Health Policy Law And Ethics Essay

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You are the Vice President for Health Services. You have instituted a national search to fill a mid-level management position in your unit, and have appointed a search and screening committee to give you ranked recommendations. The search committee has done its work and delivered to you a ranked list of five candidates. Their first choice is also your first choice, but the first two candidates are very close in qualifications and ability and the third name on ...view middle of the document...

The search and screen committee has also disclosed to you that in the course of the interview, the candidate ranked #1 on the committee’s final list had mentioned that he has a degenerative progressive condition which could result in a disability. His physicians are not able to predict, however, whether the disabling
condition may appear in a few years, twenty years, or not at all. The information about the first candidate concerns you, and you share it with your president and the vice president for human resources and risk management. Your vice president colleague points to the risks that the institution would take in hiring this individual based on the financial obligations that your institution may incur as a consequence of partial or total disability. He advises you to offer the position to the second name on the list. The president seems to agree, and adds that the senior officers have the responsibility of fiscal accountability to the governing board, but she leaves the final decision up to you.

1 Identify and explain at least three ethical considerations

2. Identify and explain at least three the legal considerations.

3. Identify and explain at least three business considerations.

4. Give your decision as the Vice President for Health Services and the rationale for the decision.

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