Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations Essay

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Health Promotion among Diverse Populations
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V
Melinda Jacob
Kimberly Stout
July 18, 2014

Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing ethnic minority group and there are estimated to be about 54 million living in the United States (Office of Minority Health & Health Equity,). The Hispanics are a minority group that struggle every day to survive, to provide for their families, to stay healthy and to live quality lives. This paper will discuss the Hispanics current health status, how health promotion is defined by the Hispanics and what health disparities exist for the Hispanics. Lastly, this paper will discuss the three levels of health prevention and ...view middle of the document...

The socioeconomic status of the Hispanic also plays a role in their health status. The Hispanics socioeconomic status is their social standing which can be evaluated by their education, by how much money they make and by what type of work they do. The socioeconomic status determines who they are as a person, a community or a population. This writer believes that the Hispanics health status and their socioeconomic status go hand in hand. If they are unable to obtain stable high paying jobs, then they are unable to provide for their families or obtain good medical care for themselves. How do we as healthcare workers incorporate health promotion within the Hispanic community?

Hispanics and Health Promotion

Health promotion is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the process which helps people take control over the determining factors of their health which in turn will help to improve their health. With multiple determining factors of health, health promotion means working between the community and health care professionals to effectively educating the Hispanics (Journal of Cultural Diversity, 2012). “Health promotion is carried out by and with people, not on or to people” (Journal of Cultural Diversity, 2012). We as educators must have respect and not discriminate against the Hispanic population but work with them to teach them how to live healthier lives. Healthy People 2020 states that it is their dream to have a culture where all people live long, healthy lives. Health promotion means addressing the health disparities of the Hispanics so they can experience positive health outcomes.

Health Disparities of the Hispanics

Fear is the biggest health disparity among the Hispanic community. Fear involves three areas which are: expenses, language barriers, and discrimination and immigration status; and cultural disconnect (Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 2013). They face the
fear of having to choose between paying for a doctor or providing for food, rent, electricity and other familial expenses or they wait until they are really ill to seek help. Fear also involves language barriers and discrimination, they are ridiculed and made to feel that they don’t matter
and when they do go to a doctor they are afraid of being reported for being an immigrant. Thirdly, cultural disconnect is described as many of the Hispanic population use home remedies or medicinal herbs to treat or cure some of their diseases and because of this they are afraid to tell their medical provider for fear of shame and ridicule. Fear is a way of life for the Hispanics.
This leads this writer to ask; how would one approach these disparities using the three levels of health promotion prevention that would be the most effective, given the unique needs of the Hispanic population?

Three Levels of Health Promotion Prevention

The three levels of health promotion prevention are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention is a...

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