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Team Processes
Gilbert Cortez
MHA 601
Martha Plant
August 12, 2013

When doing team processes in healthcare everyone must be on the same page to make the flow of systems flow smooth. Whether the team needs to be represented by a single person or multiple people everyone must communicate through the means of interventions, so that we can identify were mistakes are made and break downs in workflow occur.
The three interventions identified are team design, training strategies, and leadership. Team design is important because of the individuals during nurses b’s teamwork mentioned on how they did not want to do specifics “we won’t do that again”. If people are not wanting to do ...view middle of the document...

This is another part of the leadership intervention that needs to happen. Structuring team members task activities are a primary for the leadership intervention, and this is not happening according to nurse b (Johnson, 2009). Effective team leadership consists of five things: clear expectations, rewards pertaining to performance, vision of the future, meaningful goals, and behavior management (Johnson, 2009). Nurse b could benefit from leadership in this standpoint a little encouragement that they are doing a good job since they seem to be doing everything for the doctors and physician assistants. Now leadership will have to monitor nurse b’s work by the tasks she receives and does within the department. This is where team design intervention comes into play by team members being able to complete competencies, perform tasks, and the ability to learn new skill required on the job (Johnson, 2009). Team design is important to leadership because they can monitor on where there employees may need a certain amount of training to reduce stress within the workplace. By reducing stress nurse b and staff would not need some many interventions mentioned...

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