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Healthcare Analysis

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“Hospitals in Early America were founded to shelter older adults, the dying, orphans, and vagrants and to protect the inhabitants of a community from the contagiously sick and the dangerously mental ill.” Hospitals were not utilized by the general public and were thereby, poorly staffed, dirty and contaminated. (Sultz). Hospital Care is the most efficient way to detect chronical illness. They have all the machine and technology to be able to identify and find a disease. They can store files, that can pinpoint patients records, so that they can be care for their patients.

Historical development

Medicine has a history spanning many thousands of years and specialized ...view middle of the document...

(Stephen 26) . The cesarean section rate today is approximately 30% in the United States and some birth procedures that were used in the past century have been revealed as ineffective and have ceased (Berkowitz 210). These positive changes can be attributed to scientific development, economic development, and better administrative policies. This does not mean that modern hospitals especially in developing countries, continue to be plagued with shortages of hospital beds and other necessities (Haagen 201). A hundred years ago , healthcare

had faced difficulties caused by the imperfection of treatment methods and drugs. Using anesthesia a century ago was linked to danger, sometimes even than the surgical procedure itself. The most popular anesthetics were chloroform and ether, both administered over the patient’s mouth. This led them to fall into a condition of deep unconsciousness and many patients lost their lives as a result of overdose (Haagen 193). Giving birth to a child a hundred years ago was a challenge that was difficult just like today, but the situation was more complicated due to not having modern painkillers and technologies. Back then, the status of the fetus could be monitored only by specially designed fetal stethoscope which made it hard to predict how the fetus would develop, as well as prevent dangers for the mother and child. Its important to remember that a hundred years ago hospitals were simply not well equipped and the presence of many diseases and the reasons that caused them were unknown to science. Illnesses that are now cured with appropriate drugs could of killed a person a hundred years ago. Sanitary conditions were sometimes awful and the methods of preventing and treating epidemics were less effective than today.

Political Influence

The affordable care act allows the federal government to withhold medicare payments from hospitals if too many patients return within 30 days of discharge for certain conditions such as heart attack or pneumonia.. This means that there will be more focus on what happens when you leave the hospital following surgery or treatment. There will be more emphasis on improving the quality of care in hospitals by reducing complications from infections. this has been a priority for the hospital industry for years but now, poorly performing hospitals will take a financial hit if they don't improve. There are a significant amount of newly insured individuals who have been dubbed "super-users" due to frequent visits to emergency departments for their care needs (Komenski, Keaton & Marsiglia, 2015). These "super-users" are often facing multiple challenges including an unstable living environment or homelessness, poverty, mental illness, chronic medical problems, past trauma or some form of addiction (Tavernise, 2015). With healthcare reform putting the emphasis on accountability for outcomes and cost containment, hospitals and other health systems are faced with the task of finding...

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