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How Does Cost Affect the HealthCare Delivery System? An In-Depth Look at the Health Care Delivery System and Cost. |
Princess L. Brigham |
11/23/2010 |
HSA 6414: Social Dimensions and Issues in Health Care |

How does cost affect the health care delivery system? This research focuses on the cost of the health care delivery system and how it affects today’s society. High costs, gap-ridden coverage, and sporadic quality are the health care problems that most concern Americans. Yet most of the policy discussion is focused on the issue of coverage. Health care is expensive because of the pervasive entitlement attitude held by literally everyone in the system: patients, ...view middle of the document...

How does cost affect the health care delivery system? This research focuses on the cost of the health care delivery system and how it affects today’s society. High costs, gap-ridden coverage, and sporadic quality are the health care problems that most concern Americans. Yet most of the policy discussion is focused on the issue of coverage. In the health policy arena there is a dearth of specific policy recommendations to improve the delivery system. Yet these ideas are often disconnected from the current system, with no policy pathway, backed by leadership and organization, to get from here to there. This research discusses the various cost methods are used in order to run the healthcare delivery system.

Health care depends on a highly trained, balanced, and motivated workforce; current and accurate information; and technologies that enable health professionals to use information in the right place, in the right way, and at the right time. People, knowledge, and the means for their application are the foundation upon which an efficient, high-quality health system rests.
The most effective way to address our cost and quality challenges are to confront the root cause—the chaos in everyday health care. Efforts should focus on accelerating the organization of health care providers into team-like configurations so that they can adopt systems that are likely to reduce errors of overuse, underuse, and misuse, and improve the overall coordination of care.
Improving the quality of services delivered is paramount to enhancing health system performance. Currently, an apparent contradiction exists between the fact that the United States has the highest quality health care in the world, yet also has a quality “chasm.” To truly improve the quality of the health care delivery system, policies must focus on the individual and population level. This further discusses the method of how health care cost is related to quality of care and money that is available to fund the access to care.
Provider payment structures play an important role in how well the health care delivery system meets the goals of delivering efficient and high-quality care. Policies must work to align the desires of practitioners and health organization managers to serve patients with the incentives that come from how they are paid. Polices on the demand side of the equation must focus on how best to engage individuals in their own health and care. This is increasingly important in the face of a growing chronic disease epidemic. Improving the health care delivery system is key to improving the health of all Americans. Even if the access, quality, and cost problems in the medical system are resolved, a traditional view of the delivery system must expand to include population-wide programs in order for the system to reach its full potential.
The signs that such a debate could take place in the near future are strong. Both presidential candidates have proposed to...

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