Healthcare Utilization Essay

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Health Care Utilization
Kelly A Faust
July 21, 2015
Dr Lisa Church

Health care in the United States is teetering on the edge; it will either turn into universal health care or become too expensive for the majority of Americans. Recent health care reform has been developed to lower the cost of health care and make it more widely available. However, health care in the United State may start trending towards becoming a universal system. There are many arguments to both sides of health care reform and universal health care. The Affordable Care Act is one of the most recent and controversial of the health care reform acts. The Affordable Care Act was created to lower the ...view middle of the document...

On top of controlling the costs and extending access of health care, the new reforms also promote the utilization of health care services. By allowing all citizens to have access to health care this in turn promotes the usage of health care services. Whether through routine visits, preventative care, or emergency care the more people with quality health care the more the utilization of health care services will occur.
The Affordable Care Act will also boost health care utilization through the promotion of preventative care and improving the health of the nation. This means that more services will be covered under health insurance that were not previously such as, tobacco dependence and obesity counseling and prevention, HIV prevention, regular breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings, depression screening, and alcohol-misuse counseling (Koh & Sebelius, 2010). With more programs and services covered by health insurances it will encourage more patients to use these services. Another way that the new health care reform promotes the utilization of health care services is through lower costs. With more people using health care services the lower the cost will be per patients which encourages patients to use health care services that they normally would not due to the cost.
Many believe that health care reform will eventually lead to universal health care in the United States. According to World Health Organization (2013), “the goal of universal health coverage is to ensure that all people obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for them” (para. 1), which means that every citizen has health insurance no matter their income. Universal health care allows all citizens to have health care without having to worry about the financial implications. With nearly 45 million Americans without insurance many believe that the United States needs a universal health care program. The main difference between the current health care system in the United States and a universal health care system is that currently health insurance isn’t required for Americans. With universal health care the cost would be lower than the current health care because there would be more people paying for health care which would keep the costs at a more even level. I have had a few experiences with the expanded health care. I was employed by a company that offered health insurance through a very small private health insurance company. After the Affordable Care Act...

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