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Chapter 7: The Road to Revolution
* The Deep Roots of Revolution
* Two ideas taken root in the minds of murican colonists (18th century)
* REPUBLICANISM : defined a just society as one in which all citizens willingly subordinated their private, selfish interests to the common good
* Both stability of society and authority of government depended on virtue of citizenry (its capacity for selflessness, self-sufficiency, and courage, especially its appetite for civic involvement
* Opposed to hierarchical and authoritarian institutions such as aristocracy and monarchy
* “RADICAL WHIGS”: British political commentators
* Feared threat ...view middle of the document...

could not be divided between “legislative” authority in London and “taxing” authority in colonies forced muricans to deny authority of parliament altogether and to being to consider their own political independence
* Parliament Forced to Repeal the Stamp Act
* STAMP ACT CONGRESS halted step toward intercolonial unity
* Widespread adoption of nonimportation agreements against British goods (another halted step)
* United murican people for the first time
* Gave ordinary murican men and women new opportunities to participate in colonial protests
* signed petitions to boycott
* women assembled in public to hold spinning bees and make homespun cloth as replacement for shunned British textiles
* helped spread revolutionary fervor throughout murican colonial society
* groups of ardent spirits: SONS OF LIBERTY AND DAUGHTERS OF LIBERTY
* “Liberty, Property, and No stamps” – they enforced the nonimportation agreements against violators, often w/ coat of tar and feathers
* Machinery for collecting tax broke down (1765)
* Stamp agents forced to resign no one to sell stamps
* Law was openly and flagrantly defied (nullified)
* Murica bought 1/4 of all British exports, 1/2 of British shipping devoted to murican trade
* Merchants, manufacturers, and shippers suffered from colonial nonimportation agreements laborers thrown out of work
* Many members could not understand why Britons had to pay heavy taxes to protect colonies, some colonists refused to pay for only 1/3 of cost of their own defense
* Parliament in 1766 repealed Stamp Act
* Created leaden statue of King George 111
* Passed DECLARATORY ACT – reaffirmed parliament’s right “to bind” colonies “in all cases whatsoever”
* British gov. defined constitutional principle with would not yield: absolute and unqualified sovereignty of their own and would undertake drastic action to secure it
* Set for continuing confrontation
* Statue of King George 111 melted in thousands of bullets
* The Townshend Tea Tax and the Boston “Massacre”
* “Champagne Charlie” - a man who delivered brilliant speeches in parliament even while drunk
* Persuaded Parliament (1767) to pass TOWNSHEND ACTS
* New regulations - light import duty on glass, white lead, paper, paint, and tea
* Seized on dubious distinction between internal and external taxes an indirect customs duty payable at murican ports
* New Townshend revenues were to be earmarked to pay salaries of royal governors and judges in murica
* London gov. (after passing Townshend taxes) suspended legislature of New York (1767) for failure to comply w/ Quartering Act
* Nonimportation agreements revived against Townshend act
* Colonists took the new tax less seriously because it was light and indirect
* Found out that they could secure smuggled tea at cheap price, and consequently smugglers increased their...

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