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Hello Its Me Essay

720 words - 3 pages

3.1 Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion

1.1 Define and explain what is meant by:

It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along a persons race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and many more
Equality is ensuring individuals or groups are treated fairly and equally and no less Favourable. Promoting equality should remove discrimination in all areas of your workplace.
Inclusion is the act of including someone in something, like a school club or team. 
Discrimination is an unfair treatment of a person such as someone treating you differently ...view middle of the document...

2 Describe how to interact with individuals in an inclusive way

Make the individual comfortable by asking some general and simple questions about him/her, treat them as an equal, always be sincere and respectful, listen patiently when they are talking to you, Encourage to ask questions and give suggestions.

2.3 Describe ways in which discimination may be challenged in adult social care settings

If I overheard someone making a discriminatory remark or not promoting equality or valuing diversity I would challenge them in a calm and professional way and tell them that what they were saying or doing, is unacceptable and explain why. I could also add that I am upset and offended by their discriminatory words and actions and that it is unlawful. 

I could actively challenge discrimination by acting as a role model for positive behaviour. Discrimination usually occurs through ignorance. By making a person aware that it is wrong it will help them to learn not to do it again and hopefully change their opinions and actions in the future.

3.3 Know how to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination


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