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Lab Report

Each answer is worth 10 points.

Use a red colored font for you answers.

Place the answers below the questions.

1. Looking at the above graph, write a short paragraph on what is happening here with the congestion window and the flight size.

Based on the graph I believe that the congestion on the server starts around 5,000 bytes and continues to increase for the next 11 seconds of the transmission. The flight size starts around 1m42s and reach the ...view middle of the document...

In a short paragraph, comment on the delay graph.

3. Overlay the statistics for Client Received Segment Ack Number and Sent Segment Ack Number. Zoom until you see a definite separation and shapes as below. Write a short paragraph explaining why the client numbers are so different from the server numbers and a description of what is happening.

4. Given the configuration of the Packet Discarder, write a short paragraph explaining why the server’s Congestion Window size has this variation. Paste a copy of this window into your lab report. When finished, hide or delete the panel.

I have to many problems with this lab as you can see.

The congestion window size could vary due to bandwidth variation, packet loss and jitter.

5. Examine the statistics for the client node. Have the packet drops affected anything on the client that you can tell?

It happens the same thing on the client computer. A drop off accurs as well.

6. Examine the Delay stats for the entire network (Global) and for the nodes. Can you see any delay caused by these drops?

Based on the stats for the entire network I would say that no delays are noted.

7. Copy this window to your lab report and, in a short paragraph, explain why the congestion window sizes are different in the two scenarios.

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