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Helping Summary Essay

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There are many reasons that Human service choose to enter the Human Service helping field. Some enter because they want to see others succeed and some enter the field of helping because they want to be a role model for others, but the bottom line is and the common ground that these share is that they all involve helping people in some way or another. The team has our own personal reasons that we want to be in the Helping field as well.
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Making a difference to one of us is important to another one it is working with teenagers, for another it is to establish a foundation and for another it is to help people to succeed in life. We see as a team see that we all have our own personal reasons that are so close and similar to that of a human service professional. We realize that we are on in the same, but all in different ways and that is what makes us all feel that we have a place in the human service field. We all feel that the common ground is the same.
In conclusion we each have a different motivation and a different view on why we want to join the field, but the reasoning is the behind it is the same, to help people. The Human Service field is all about helping people and how you can support another person by being that helping hand, being that listening ear and not judging them for who they really are. Having the passion to help people and see people succeed in life is the one thing that we have in common. The common role that drew us all into this field would be our love for people and providing them with the best services possible to help them succeed in life. This is what we have in common with the human service professionals that enter the helping field.

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