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Henrietta Essay

515 words - 3 pages

Essay I 20 points of Final Grade
Due: September 17th Peer Review: September 15th

Your first essay will be constructed in the traditional 5-paragraph style. You will craft a three-page essay in MLA format derived from the prompt you have chosen.

The following should be adhered to in your final draft:
*The introduction should include the title, author and a brief summary of the book.  The thesis statement should contain some of the language of the prompt while also leading the reader to your main points.
*Your body paragraphs should be well organized and offer clear evidence to your argument.
*Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement as well as bring the reader to a so-what. Why is this important? Why should we care about this issue?

Choose from one of the following:
Prompt A:
Skloot begins the book with the following quote from Elie Wiesel: “We must not see any person as an abstraction. Instead, we ...view middle of the document...

DRE 098-Analytical Writing Assessment Rubric Name_______________

Mark the appropriate box for each criterion as it applies to the essay being evaluated.

Scale: A=Excellent; B= Good; C=Average; F=Fail
Essay provides an introductory paragraph that includes the author’s full name (first mention), full text title in italics, brief summary of the text, and a clear lead up to the thesis statement. | | | | |
Essay provides a clear, prompt-specific thesis statement as the last sentence of introductory paragraph. No statements of intent. | | | | |
Body paragraphs begin with quality topic sentences which provide clear focus for the paragraph & reflect the thesis. | | | | |
Essay includes body paragraphs that provide sufficient, relevant thesis support (quoted, paraphrased or summarized information from text). Support is followed by specific explanation and analysis to clearly connect to thesis/main idea. | | | | |
Essay organizes paragraphs in logical order to support thesis. | | | | |
Essay uses clear transitions between paragraphs, ideas, and topic shifts. | | | | |
Essay provides an effective concluding paragraph that wraps up the discussion without repetition or unnecessary filler. | | | | |
Essay demonstrates proficiency in the following areas. Circle areas where proficiency was NOT demonstrated. | | | | |
* run on sentences * fragments * pronoun usage * word choice/word usage * college-level vocabulary * shift in tense | * subject/verb agreement * comma usage * spelling * capitalization * point of view (no first person or second person “you”) | | | | |
Essay demonstrates complete and correct MLA format. Circle areas where proficiency was NOT demonstrated. | | | | |
* lead ins * paraphrasing * parenthetical documentation | * summarizing * Works Cited page inclusion and set-up | | | | |


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