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Hi Everyone Essay

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2.Present available strategic choices to Vietnamese companies.

The firm’s strategy must be consistent with the environment in which the firm operates. Therefore, Vietnamese companies should chose the transnational strategy for the following reasons:

✓ Facing cost reduction pressure:

• Most of Vietnamese companies participate in industries where major competitors are based in low-cost locations, where there is persistent excess capacity

❖ Ex: Vietnamese companies producing traditional product such as textile, or agricultural products face high cost ...view middle of the document...

✓ Pursuing the transnational strategy help company to reap the most advantages:

• Exploit experience curve effects

• Exploit location economies

• Customize product offering and marketing in according with local responsiveness.

• Reap benefits of global learning.

3.Choose a foreign-invested company operating in HCMC to analyze its strategy NOKIA

✓ Brand: Nokia

✓ Slogan: “Connecting People”

✓ Color: Blue

✓ (Blue is peaceful and tranquil, blue is a laid-back color, blue is the color of leadership)

❖ Brand make-up

✓ Focusing on average-income people

✓ Developing its wide range of products

✓ Trying to meet customers’ requirement.

✓ Offering references to owners

✓ Find the best space in cell phone supermarket

❖ Marketing strategy

✓ Focusing on all segments, never forgetting any segments

✓ Having a particular slogan and brand for every product

✓ Bring advertising agencies to keep its market share

✓ Training salespeople

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