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Hi Their Essay

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Sean Garza
Journal 3-1
Ok so for my first topic of these journals I would like to talk about an article by Steven King called “why we crave horror movies”. I thought this article was interesting because Steven King kind of shows the reader that we are all mentally insane at some level. But how this ties to are class is totally different, king ...view middle of the document...

I think that this makes perfect sense because most people in our society will never see murder or the scary things that horror movies offer us and to see them like we can it’s kind of a shock and I think that is why most people get a sense of fear from them, because it challenges the way our society runs and is.
I also noticed that King point out that little things such as talking to yourself or doing non socially acceptable behaviors is a mental illness. So it got me to wondering I mean who doesn’t talk to themselves? And if we are all mentally insane at some levels how much will it take to push us over the edge like some people. King also says that watching horror movies can ease people’s emotions or live out mentally ill fantasies. So what I am really trying to say in this entry is we are all at some level mentally ill and most of us live out are lives in a pretty socially acceptable matter so what can cause one to deviate from such a norm.

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