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High Risk Population Essay

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Diabetes is a national health problem in the African American population. The incidence of type II diabetes have greatly increased in the United States Individuals with diabetes have high rates of other comorbidities including cardiovascular disease and kidney damage. People with substance abuse and diabetes have a particular higher risk for developing medical comorbidities and hospital readmissions. Diabetic patients with substance abuse have been found to have more adverse outcome and poor adherence to diabetes care than those without substance use disorder. The relationships between substance use and diabetes have a major impact on health, people often use drugs without much thought despite the risk; for those with diabetes the use of substances have a greater health risk
Several studies that mentioned illicit drug use have suggested the use of ...view middle of the document...

My PICO clinical question I chose to answer: Do health education interventions improve the outcome in patients with type II Diabetes in African American with substance abuse disorder?
Population of interest is African American with clinical diagnosis of Type II diabetes and substance abuse disorder.
Intervention will include ongoing tailored counseling and educational sessions on diabetes management.
Comparison will include two groups, a participants or comparison group. One group will received the intervention and non-participants group will receive usual clinical care.
Outcome is to increase knowledge among the participants group in diabetes management reflecting a decrease in glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1C) levels. The complete intervention consists of group session lasting 1-2 hours, 2 times a week for six weeks. These sessions are structured with the aim of enabling participants to acquire knowledge and skills related to the disease and its management, placing a strong emphasis on proactive tools to achieve healthier lifestyles (in terms of diet, physical exercise, management of emotions, and correct use of medication, among others).
Existing self-care education programs are based on a range of different methods and measure different variables and, further, they have not been assessed by prospective and controlled studies in our health system. It is, therefore, necessary to provide good quality evidence to guide the selection of appropriate interventions and assessed their effectiveness.
Moreno, E. G., Perez, A. S., & Del Campo, R. R. (2013). Impact of a self-care education programme on patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care in the Basque County. BMC Public Health, 13, 521. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-521

Stryker, L.A., Duncan, S.C., & Pickering, M. A. (2003). Motivational Enhancement Therapy for African American Substance User. Journal in Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 2 (1), 35-42.

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