Hippa And Social Media Essay

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HIPAA and Social Media

Lolita Stanton January 27, 2013
National Louis University HCL 430

Social media has taking the world by storm. Face book, My Space, Twitter, and many more are connecting people of the world to one another. In the article “Social Media and HIPAA Compliance”, the author takes a look at the rules that govern HIPAA and social media. HIPAA is an abbreviation for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. HIPAA is a federal law that contains strong rules that regulate the use of disclosure of (PHI) Protected Health Information. ...view middle of the document...

Again, the legal department may have suggestion on what to post and they may have suggestions on what is appropriate conversation on the site.
Bariatric programs should give their patients detailed instructions before allowing access to group pages. Patients who agree to use social media must sign a consent form. The bariatric program must inform the patients that the social media page will be monitored for inappropriate post. All inappropriate post will be removed from the page. If a patient decides not to sign the consent form, they will not be allowed access to the social media page. If used correctly, social media can help to educate and provide support to those that are in need.
The second article I chose to review is entitled “Patient Privacy and Social Media”. This article takes a look at how healthcare providers use social media. It is important for healthcare providers to remain mindful of professional boundaries, and patient privacy rights. All postings on social media sites must comply with the HIPAA laws. HIPAA privacy rules address the use patients protected health information. The rules apply to health plans, healthcare clearing house, and to any healthcare provider who electronically transmits health care information. The privacy rule requires covered entities to guard against the misuse of any individuals identifiable health information. It also limits sharing of protected health information. Patients can not directly sue providers for HIPAA violations. Complaints must be resolved by the intuition. When a person breaches the patient’s confidentiality, the offender is subject to disciplinary action by state boards. They may also face civil claims for negligent and /or emotional distress. It is important for all healthcare providers to be familiar with the social media policy at their place of employment. Many companies check the online profiles of potential new hires. If the applicant is found to have a profile that is less desirable of the institution, that applicant is passed over for the available position. It is also important to note that healthcare providers who do not comply with their company’s policy can be terminated from their place of employment.
In December of 2013, The University of Chicago Medicine put out a new policy on social media in the workplace. The new policy was driven by behaviors of health care personnel throughout the institution. Many of the personnel arrived at work and within minutes would sign into “Face Book”. They proceeded to stay on the media site for most of their shift. Being late for important therapies was not uncommon. When the hospital looked into the number of hours spent on the social media site, they received a true eye opener. The hospital found that their employees were on face book and other social media sites thousands of hours a month.
The administration decided to also look at the cell phone policy and the personnel device policy. If you work at the...

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