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Hispanic American Diversity Essay

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Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic Americans are made up of a very diverse group of people who have similar background but very different and distinct cultures. A few of the groups that make up a part of Hispanic Americans are Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Nicaraguans. Below are some facts concerning the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions or statuses of these four groups; these facts shed some light on the commonalities and differences between these four groups.
In Cuba, the national language is Spanish. In America, Cuban Americans speak both English and Spanish, although, there are differences in which is the predominant language spoken ...view middle of the document...

Cuban Americans share a special bond that centers on the political and social conditions of those still in Cuba. (Cuban American, N.D.)
Cuban Americans fare better economically than other Hispanic people; primarily due to their close communal ties. Many Cubans immigrants were wealthy and well-established professionals who were able to enrich the communities; these professionals brought entrepreneurial skills that allowed for development of their communities. Many of the businesses catered to the growing needs of their communities and were made available from character loans provided by bankers such as Luis Botifall. (Cuban Exiles in America, 2004)
Cuban Americans were primarily Roman Catholic; this was the primary religion of their homeland. Today’s Cuban American religious preferences have changed; a shift from Roman Catholicism has been seen with US born Cubans. The majority of Cuban Americans today are still Roman Catholic; however, there has been an increasing number who prefer some form of Protestantism such as Baptist, Methodist, and Lutheran. Some Cuban Americans have turned towards Judaism and, in Miami, established the Miami Cuban Hebrew Congregation and Temple Moses which are two of the largest Cuban synagogues in Miami. Unique to Cuban Americans is the religious practice of Santeria, a mix of West African and Roman Catholic doctrines. (Buffington, N.D.)
Familial conventions or status- The Cuban American family structure is patriarchal in nature with the male holding the greatest authority; this trend has changed somewhat and the woman in the family has increasingly become a major authority within the family. This trend has been attributed to the increase of women in the workforce and the higher instances of divorce. (Buffington, N.D.)
Spanish is the language commonly used by Mexican Americans today; ancestors of the indigenous people of Mexico still speak somewhere around 288 Amerindian languages such as those of the Uto-Aztecan Family. (Schmal, N.D.) These languages are seldom used by Mexican Americans today; they prefer to use and maintain the Spanish Language. Most Mexican American Americans will speak English in public but prefer to speak in their native tongue when at home or around other Hispanics. Although most Mexican Americans speak “Mexican Spanish”, some Mexican Americans speak “Castillon Spanish” which is a mix of the Spanish language and the indigenous languages of their pre-Columbian ancestors. (Marin, N.D.)
Mexican American politics has been a part of America and can be traced as far back as the 1800’s. Mexican American politics have experienced changes over time and the political attitudes have been shaped by four historical periods; these periods are Euro-American conquest and hegemony (1836 to1920); melting pot colonization (1020 to 1960); Mexican-American reawakening (1960 to 1980’s); and the start of “Southern Strategy and trickle-down-economics (1980’s to the present). (Pinon, N.D.)
Although some may feel...

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