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History 101 Essay

1363 words - 6 pages


Immigration into the US in the Early 20th Century
A Comparison of European vs. Asian Immigration
With a Focus on the Chinese and Irish Experiences

Name: Colin McGowan
Names of Members in Partnership: Colin McGowan, Kathy Cybulski, Billie Moore, Beth Brickley
School / City: Hudson High School / Hudson, Ohio
Workshop Location: “Crossing Boundaries” at Kent State University
Curriculum / Subject Area: High School Social Studies
Grade Level(s) / Intended Audiences: 9th-12th Grades
Ohio Academic Content Standards: Social Studies – Grades 9-10 - People In Societies
• Standard 5 (A. Describe the waves of immigration to ...view middle of the document...

In doing so, this Pathfinder considers differences that immigrants may have experienced based upon cultural or racial divides.
Subject Headings: Immigration, Chinese in America, Irish in America, Cultural Diffusion, Melting Pot vs. Mixed Salad Hypotheses, Minority Experience, Integration, Racism

Museum Resources:

Immigration in General

Pacific Coast Immigration Museum,

New Americans Museum

Ellis Island Immigration Museum
Chinese Immigration

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

The Immigration Museum

The Chinese American Museum

The San Francisco Museum

Chinese American Museum of Chicago

Museum of Chinese in America

Irish Immigration

Irish American Heritage Museum

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

New York Irish American Heritage Museum

Library Resources:

Immigration in General

US Library of Congress – Immigration,

Gale – Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Hudson High School Library Pathfinder on Immigration,
Chinese Immigration

The Chinese In California – The American Memory Project

Irish Immigration

The Cleveland Memory Project

The Library of Congress – the 2nd Wave of European Immigration

Virtual Tours / Tours:

Immigration in General
Statue of Liberty

Chinese Immigration

Angel Island Immigration Station,

Irish Immigration

Immigrant Heritage Trail

The Irish American Experience

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