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History Essay

1163 words - 5 pages

How Terrorism Has Affected The United States

Stephanie Boone

Ryan Tarr
University of Phoenix
History 145
June 9, 2013

Terrorism is the act of intimidating persons using ways of violence as a way to look for attention but there has been a problem in defining, as there was a problem in differentiating terrorism with activities involved with violence and actions by the military.

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The major terror attack was bringing down of the twin towers in 11th September 2001 by Islamists lead by Osama bin Laden using two commercial airplanes, which had been hijacked and later crashed into the Twin Tower. 2759 people lost their lives while 8700 persons were injured. The latest occurrence is the 12th May 2013 incident at New Orleans, Louisiana where two gunmen opened fire at a crowd during a Mother Day event and 19 persons were injured. These terror attacks have affected the USA in major ways like people have become more discriminative at persons who are from the Middle East, they are judged to be terrorists and they face harsh scrutiny at work places and even at airport security checks.

The American residents live in constant fear of imminent attacks; the economy has also been hit by terror. One of the best ways to guard oneself from terror is not to live in constant paranoia but to keep us clear (Dyson, 2012).

In 2002, Wednesday, December 4th there was a failed attempt to shoot down an Israeli jetliner in Kenya. This has made military personnel do more studies of early missile warning systems in commercial airlines by detecting and removing the threat when the planes are most vulnerable and that is when they are about to land or take off.

On Thursday, October 10th, 2002 there was an attack of French tanker off coast of Yemen and the post attack investigation by the American military found remains of TNT and fiberglass in the wrecked tanker and this helped in tracking down of the responsible culprits.

There exists heavier activity in certain areas of the world as a result of many ethnic groups who don’t get along on their ways of doing things. Example is the Muslims and Jews in the Middle East with their holy grounds of worship to the same God with names, which aren’t shared. Religion activists from different camps get into disagreement on how they handle certain activities leading to conflicts.

The presence of oil also doesn’t help their situation as the western world also wants a share of the same and more extremism is experienced (Kegly and Wittkopf, 2008). Like in the case of IED explosions at the restaurant in Cotabato, Philippines, which resulted in three people critically injured; the regional police head German Doria said that they had suspects and they were al-Qaeda-linked militants without concrete evidence. Hence the presence of different ethnic groups, the Philistines and the Muslims, lead the attacks of one another.

Terrorist activity sites have one thing in common; there is scattered shrapnel from the explosion, scattered impaired body part from victims and lots of blood and a lot of pain...

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