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History And Significance Of Race In America

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History and Significance of Race in America
Race prejudice abounded in the colonial America, shaped by cultural connotations of blackness in medieval Europe and Judeo-Christianity. The existence of Slave trade is arguably the root of subsequent conceptualization of the black-Americans. The Native Americans population of the country’s labor force proved drastically reduced after the whites were decimated by violence and diseases. The voluntary European labor force used was unsustainably costly and detrimental to their home county labor and competitiveness. The introduction of slavery of the Africans who were brought in large numbers and their labor was cheap, made the agricultural ...view middle of the document...

S. The Americans view the Latin Americans as monolithic and they usually portray them as violent, passionate and lazy. The recent increase in the Hispanic immigration which is figured out as partly legal and partly illegal, of the Latin has spurred anti-Latino sentiments. Racial discrimination and violence has also increased in the United States following the attacks on the United States. There existed attacks on the basis of their religion and their ethnic group. Hollywood is also portrays the Arab community as terrorists and villains, they are also stereotypically depicted in their movies.
The coexistence of the black Americans status improvement and the continue impoverishment of others is because the race status is observed as not important, but class is determined as the blacks chance of livelihood. The underclass black-Americans experience less mobility due to the factors that are related to the lower-class, but the middleclass blacks have experienced an upward rise. The introduction of President Barrack Obama has shown the declining of the racial segregation between the whites and the blacks, these shows that the...

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