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Hitch Review

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Hitch Review
We look forward to different types of entertainments to get a good laugh or have a good time. Specifically movies are used as a major part of entertainment Hitch, for example, came out in 2005. It produced by Will smith, James Lassiter, and Teddy Zee. This movie was directed by Andy Tennant. What were the most interesting things and what didn’t really appeal have an important role on the outcome of the movie production. The criteria must be completely met in order to get a complete idea of how the movie was created or to fulfill its purpose. The three most important criteria to evaluate Hitch include plot, acting, and cinematography.
Over the matter of accomplishing the point or plot of a movie, I would give it a six out of six. They kept it ...view middle of the document...

With that being said, it includes moments of weird dances, kick to the face, and romantic scenes.
Of course within a good movie there is always a recognized actor that makes the movie even better. The amazing actor Will Smith made his character so realistic and brought it to life. He played his role so smooth and excelled on being the dating coach. Kevin James didn’t stay behind on making his incredible dance moves that played the role of Albert Brennaman. Another amazing actor that always goes perfect with any role she takes part of is Eva Mendes. She was straightforward and made her character seem so realistic with all the events that she was put through. The actors were appropriate and played their roles just as expected, therefore I give this movie a six out of six for the acting.
Another major part of a movie would be the cinematography. Although this movie is from 2005. For the most part everything seemed like it worked out for the production, which was 55 million dollars, and the worldwide box office was about 367 million dollars. The movie’s biggest asset would be the actors that were hired as protagonists. The settings that were added were also important, for example when Will Smith takes Eva Mendes to the museum. That scene is has quality but also integrates into history about Eva Mendes’ character’s family.
Over all the criteria put together, I give this movie a total of six out of six. It met all of its criteria including the plot, acting, and its cinematography. It really stood out with the actors that were chosen. The whole idea was directly stated and there was no type of confusion at all. Also, the setting seemed to fit perfectly throughout the whole movie. It is a movie you could watch over and over again with it still bringing out a laugh out of you. The whole movie was smooth and seemed realistic.

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