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Assignment 6.2

In this assignment, from your portfolio of collected assignments you will choose five key assignments or projects that provide the best examples of your competencies and proficiencies for your selected position.


1. Identify the first five position requirements in your selected job description.

2. Choose five key assignments or final course projects that you collected for your simulated job application in Module 3. These assignments should provide the best examples of your competencies and proficiencies. These assignments will serve as examples of your ability to perform the job, so choose them carefully.

3. Compose a document that ...view middle of the document...

Assignment 6.1

In this assignment, you will first submit your completed résumé that you began working on in Module 4, Assignment 4.1.

Next, you will refine your résumé to meet the needs of your chosen position. This specific résumé will be a key element of Project 2, your professional application packet.


1. Post privately to me in the Forum, your completed Assignment 4.1 résumé.  Save this document as: your last name, followed by the words “résumé general” in the filename.

2. Review your selected position description and identify keywords.

3. Insert those keywords into a second version of your résumé in an appropriate and meaningful way, changing statements to include them, while maintaining an honest approach. Save this second version of your résumé as: your last name followed by the word “résumé.”

4. Review the position to identify the order in which position requirements are listed.

5. In this second version of your résumé, align the ordering of the most desired position requirements first, continuing on to the second and subsequent ones as you move to the second page of your résumé.

6. Review the structure of this second version of your résumé, ensuring that it matches the needs of the application. Correct any formatting problems that make the document difficult to scan. Review for any errors or unclear statements.

7. Post your second résumé privately to me in the Forum.

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