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How Do Class, Gender, Sexuality Or Race Work In Relation To Taste Today? Using At Least Two Key Theorists Discussed On The Course, Explain How Ideas Of Taste Are Presented In Any Two Media Texts

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MUD08243876Differences in cultural capital mark the differences between the classes”

Pierre Bourdieu

How do class, gender, sexuality or race work in relation to taste today? Using at least two key theorists discussed on the course, explain how ideas of taste are presented in any two media texts.

The concept of good taste and class has always been a sensitive subject for those perceived as lacking enough taste or class to fit in the higher echelons of society.

Historically, taste. class and it’s symbols have always been defined by the social elite.

It was been incredibly difficult for outsiders to gain access to the knowledge that ensured the ...view middle of the document...

Weber pioneered these subcultures based their lifestyle on a variety of different values and norms. These values were according to Weber expressed through symbols

Though Weber’s emphasis was the importance of domination, symbolic systems in social life,

He also presented the concept of social orders, and analysis of status, a concept that would set Bourdieu’s ‘Theory Of Practice’ into motion. (Swartz, David. 1997.)

How does one define taste and class in a world where all the knowledge (cultural capital) one needs is pretty much available for anyone with a computer and Internet connection?.

In current consumer culture the trend seems to be the democratisation of a number of otherwise completely unattainable products for the middle class, such as the latest trends in fashion, electronics, travel etc.

Thanks to mass-production items perceived to be luxury such silks, cashmere and leathers can be found in high street stores for a price affordable to the wider majority.

Historically wearing these materials was a luxury only the most privileged of society could afford.

Even furs have dramatically more widely accessible as its the popularity soared in the early 00’s as the concept of vintage and secondhand shopping went mainstream.

It was perceived as “cool”, to reinterpret items that had already been use.

A major attitudinal change to the 80’s and 90’s when shopping vintage / second hand would of been seen as lacking economic clout.

I seems that for contemporary society the decisive cultural values is being on trend than to look like you belong to certain class.

To show the world that one is able to afford the absolute latest hyped products,not only in fashion but in aspirational electronics such as the I phone and the I pad.

It could be the effect of lifestyle marketing, where pretty much all products advertised come attached to an attractive lifestyles.

The incredible spread of the Internet, the rise of celebrity culture and fast fashion courtesy of the British high street, has allowed people to skip the part of actually possessing cultural capital

by fast tracking it with lifestyle magazine’s and how-to-guide’s.

The UK is an incredible example of how there has been a democratization of sorts of the access to good taste.

It is now easier than ever before to look like a person of style and class without breaking the bank, and being from a privileged family.

Style guides that “teach” the masses how to get a particular celebrities style, or emulate designer looks with high street piece have become a dime a dozen.

Sites like ASOS (As Seen On Screen) have made hefty profits in targeting consumers

that wish to share the class and taste of celebrities.

It is not hard to find similarities in two very typical style and trend editorials in publications targeting two opposite target readerships.

The image below from The Sun’s style section for women illustrates perfectly the democratization...

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