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How Do I Unlove Thee? Essay

329 words - 2 pages

How do I unlove thee?

Is there's a way to get out in your life ? But How do I leave when all I want is to stay,
Your words took me to fantasy
though I knew that it was all lies yet I believe.
Now How can I move forward ?
Can I just stop you from walking away ? come back and we'll start over again .
I love you but I need to unlove you because loving you is a poisonous.

The moment I ...view middle of the document...

I shoud walk away before you did.
I should close my eyes before it fell,
too late my tears start rolling on my face.
Remember when you sit beside me,
you looked at me, you smiled, I felt like melted ice.
I thought it was happiness yet a selfish trap.
You made me fool in love,
You made it falling game,
I fell, you won.
We found each other in a hopeless place, you accepted me behind of my flaws,
you held my hands and promised to stay . I thought it was real but it was just part of a game .
I am grateful to have you in my life,
you are perfect creation in this cycle world.
I thought you were the flowers in my garden
but you turn into thorns.
My life isnt enough without you.
You brighten my world,
you spoiled me to your presence,
You filled my life with happiness.
I thought you were the person who'll build me up,
but you broke me into tiny pieces.

For every story there's a particular ending. Possible to end it to happily ever after, or maybe into painful ending. If there's an end, there's also new chapter that will open. You can get over in your past and start your new life.

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