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How Does Marjane Satrapi Emphasize The Distinction Between Fundamentalism And Modernity?

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Graphic novel is often used as a medium to present a complex story of historical, religious, or political matter for many years. Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis is one of the examples; it is about a young Iranian girl’s life, when the Islamic Revolution in 1979 occurred. The Islamic Revolution has taken a significant part in Satrapi’s life, especially as she was transitioning into a young woman. It was a time where wearing a veil was obligatory and bilingual schools had to close down because they were thought of as a symbol of capitalism. It was also a time where Iran was divided into two ideologies, fundamentalism and modernity. The streets were full of conflict between them and it was not a ...view middle of the document...

This has made the effect that those two kinds of women are the opposite, as are the two colors that represent them: black and white.
Lastly, Satrapi also underlines their distinction by her use of layout. For example, when she illustrates the difference between them by their appearance, which you can observe the image on the top panel (p. 75). It is shown that there are two panels side by side, each divided by a single line that separates a fundamentalist from a modernist. The left panel is of two different women, and the right panel is of two different men with a caption of their ideology above them. This use of layout has made the effect that there was, again, a clear distinction between those two ideologies. Each fundamentalist and modernist have recognizable features in their appearance that distinguishes them from each other, such as their way of wearing a veil or whether their shirt are tucked in or not.
This way of differentiating fundamentalists and modernists could be applied in today’s society; a not too far example is conservative parents, parents who still hold traditional attitudes and values about change or innovation. As a consequence of cultural globalization, our generation has gradually becoming a unified world, making all the cultural...

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