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How Employee Motivation Affects Employee Retention And Other Behaviors Within Organizations

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The article provides a synthesis of employee retention in Zintepee Technologies and offers an explanation of how employee motivation affects employee retention and other behaviors within organizations. In addition to explaining why it is important to retain critical employees, the author will describe the relevant motivation theories and explain the implications of employee motivation theories on developing and implementing employee retention practices. At the end of the paper, an illustration will be provided with explanation on how effective employee retention practices can be explained through motivation theories and how these efforts serve as a strategy to increase ...view middle of the document...

Managers can't be professional psychologist, but they need to know enough to manage from sound principles rather than from myths and guesswork. Had this been the case, Paul Zillions, Director of Marketing and Logistics might have avoided a lot of problems when he hired a new sales manager for the marketing department of Zintepee Technologies, the innovative IT Company in town. He was happy when he hired Susan Doyle because he has been reading about her achievements on the news for several years, while she worked with a rival firm and she had the style and needed requirements Paul thought would be significant to increase sales for Zintepee. In her first couple of months, everyone liked Susan. She was bright, literate, funny, witty and always uplifted the humor of any group she was in.

But recently, Paul had been hearing rumors about Susan - and also rumors about other people from Susan herself. For example, Susan told Paul, in confidence that Akeem Derrick, who had been working as the Assistant Sales Manager for 10 years, was thinking about leaving for a rival IT firm, Susan assured Paul that all of this was a secret, but he had a close friend who told her how unhappy Akeem was with Zintepee since Paul hired Susan. This led Akeem to start negotiating with another IT firm. Susan thought that if Akeem left, it wouldn't be a problem. She told Paul how Akeem was undercutting her reputation with everyone at Zintepee. Paul's next surprise came from Akeem. Akeem asked for a meeting with him, they talked and Akeeem told him how much respect he had for him and for Susan and surprisingly, that Susan had for him. Akeem wanted to tell Paul, further that both he and Susan were disappointed with the work of John Obi, an Indian sales executive whose work was always good and who has a wonderful sales record with the firm ever since his employment began.

As time passed, Paul began to notice a pattern. Susan was the center of those rumors, either coming directly to him or being passed through someone else. Almost everyone with whom he talked seemed to be having the same experience with Susan. She was being complimentary when she talked with them about themselves, but negative, even mean spirited, when she spoke about others. It seemed that was her modus operandi. She was spreading gossip and rumor and, Paul concluded, she was benefitting from it more than anyone else. Morale at Zintepee was suddenly very low. People were upset, they were talking of leaving. And all of this began to happen after Susan arrived.

Paul wondered, What is the matter with Susan? She is competent and conscientious, but insecure. She seems to be very agreeable, but only when you are with her. Otherwise, she is political, malicious and neurotic. I don't understand her at all.

The example of Susan Anaezi can help to understand something important what employees might face at work. It isn't about performance, Susan, after all was a great sales manager. A lot of it is about the...

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