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How Haji Abbas Came To Be

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Bob Hutchinson
Employed by shell
Pertroleum eng
Graduated from mississipi state
Masters from a and m this year
Core values: most important: safety! Others: golden rule, trust, honesty. Be careful going up stairs.
Mentoring: class presentations,
Safety: people can die when we mess up,
A brantch of petro eng that applies scientific principles to the drainage…. More in PP
Production forecasting: use the past to predict the future
Resovoire modeling: coordinates analytical: algebra… numerical: calculus
Well testing: ...view middle of the document...

Typical questions: how much oil? How much can we take out? How can we improve recovery? What rate will this well produce? What is the production forecast for this well? What are the SEC proves reserves?
Hydrocarbons in place:
(Constant*area*thickness*prosity*(1-water saturation))/ fluid formation volume factor
Formation volume factor: how much a hydrocarbon swells when exposed to sea level atmosphere
Thickness, porosity and water saturation are found by petrophysicists.
Rate: Darcy’s law => k=permeability
Rocks with permeability of 1 darcy collates to…
Permeability: how thick, pressure change (Pe-Pw), Mu viscocity,
Material balance: law of conservation of mass, if I know what my pressure change is and how much oil and gas ive taken out a reservoir I can estimate how big a reservoir is.
* Tank model equation
* Good for deep water
It all comes together into something called the radial diffusivity equation , used in pta and simulation
Revoerabke hydrocarbons in place: RE= Recovery efficiency
Primary recovery: reservoir drive comes from natural mechanisms,
Supplemental recovery: addition of external energy, used when there is insufficient primary recovery:

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