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How Mass Media Supports Terrorism Essay

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How Mass Media Supports Terrorism

Terrorism has been a part of our current events for some time now and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I believe that terrorism is both a social issue as well as a political issue, and while it can be steered by both social and political influences, the influence of the media has been and will remain the largest source of fuel for terrorism. The goal of terrorism is to further an idea by radical means, spreading propaganda through media coverage of violent events. I propose that without the media’s constant and pitiless coverage of these events, terrorism would essentially lose its appeal as a means of spreading ...view middle of the document...

This article was written by a specialist in International Affairs, and it outlines the different perspectives of terrorists, governments and media during a terrorism event. This article also explains how the competitive nature of media networks creates an interdependent relationship between the media and terrorist organizations. My second source serves to highlight the idea of this symbiotic relationship as well as the idea that advancements in media, internet and television have contributed to the spread of terrorism.
The media has a known tendency to stir up situations and add a dangerous spin to any nonthreatening subject to improve viewer ratings. This need to sell content and grab attention works right into the objective of a terrorist and thus the media spreads the fear based propaganda of the terrorist with an added hype of its own. Unfortunately this tactic sells so well that it has become a standard in “news” to spin most everything into whatever direction is necessary to keep the public scared. So, in conclusion the freedom of press that is such an indelible part of our democratic society, also serves to destabilize that democracy through directly spreading terrorist propaganda.

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