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How Office Stress Invades The Home

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How Office Stress Invades Our Homes
Queen Thornton
Faulkner University

How Office Stress Invades Our Homes
Research studied 190 couples, all of whom worked full-time. Three-quarters of them had children living at home with them. Researchers queried both partners independently to determine their stress levels and to find out how stress had impacted their relationships.
A study by Merideth Ferguson, of the Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, show that work stress not only comes home with us, but it can easily ...view middle of the document...

Carrying anxiety home from the office raises the risk of numerous health problems, including high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, headaches, depression and insomnia. This leads to poor performance at work and at home. When an employee is recognized and valued at work they make meaningful contributions and that attitude comes home.
President Bill Clinton was famous for his ability to compartmentalize-to keep stress from one area of his life from bleeding over into others. Most of us are not so talented. New research from Baylor University shows that work stress and the inability to leave work problems at the office, where they belong, has a more detrimental impact than we might have expected.
If people are treated poorly at work, they tend to see the world as a less bright place, and it’s hard for them to shake it off because it eats away at their self-esteem; and they are less optimistic about their lives and future. Positive influence fosters productivity.
Kimberly Weisul (2011). How Office Stress Invades The Home. Independent News, Data, & Opinion.

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