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How To Make A Smoothie Essay

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Have you ever woke up to your alarm clock buzzing and you kept on snoozing? Knowing that you do need to get up and eat breakfast to start a healthy day. Scrambled eggs, sizzling bacon and buttered toast, have to be the best breakfast ever but there is just not enough time to make all that food because you decided to sleep in an extra 30 minutes. One option you have is to make a quick shake and head out about your day. My Mother in law was the one to show me how to make the perfect smoothie and since the first time, I learned I only improved by making simple mistakes. The smoothies would not come out as good as hers, they would sometimes come out tasting sour or bland. Chunks of ice would fill my straw and that in itself was annoying, the same thing would happen with the frozen grapes or fruits would not be crushed ...view middle of the document...

One bag of grapes will fit into at least six freezer bags, the bananas can be sliced and cut in half before putting into each bag with the grapes. Frozen mixed berries from the store can stay in the package they came in until its time to blend all the ingredients. Freezing the grapes and bananas over night will help the smoothie stay cold.

First thing in the morning you will fill your ninja blender by putting in a cup of yogurt , one half of a cup of keifer to make it liquify, Throw in a cup of the frozen mixed berries and a prepared bag of frozen grapes and bananas. A two packets of truvia to sweeten the smoothie and a half of a scoop of whey protein.

Second you will place the lid on and make sure it is secure, on the ninja blenders you can not start the process if everything is not sealed properly. This is a safety precaution and I really like how that works, that way I will not have smoothie all over my cabinets if I forgot to put the lid on. Blend everything by pushing the power button and selecting level 2. After a 30 seconds to a minute you will stop the blender. Remove the top and use a rubber spatula of some sort and push the ingredients off the sides. You can pour in a ¼ cup of water or juice, This will help in making it a nice creamy smoothie. Continue for another minute on level 3.

The smoothie will be well blended and ready to pour, when it is time to remove the lid the power needs to be off so you can open the lid. On the top there is a release button that has to be pushed in order to pull off the lid. If the covering is open and you attempt to pour the smoothie you will find the removable blade insert will come falling out. There is also a spout on the top of the lid that is easily secure before the release button is pushed. You are able to pour the smoothie into the cups with no mess and enjoy your fresh smoothie on the way out the door.

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