How To Not Procrastinate Essay

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October 14, 2014
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How to Not Procrastinate

Perfectionism and procrastination go together like peanut butter and jelly. By people expecting too much of themselves, they tend to become scared of writing and the essay not meeting their expectations and therefore procrastinating until the last minute. Although many more elements come into play, priorities and organizational skills are a big role in the way you may procrastinate. Many people may just need help in the organization department in order to not procrastinate and others may need help dealing with many more issues they have with the issue of procrastination.
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Buying a planner, or simply a notebook, and writing down what you have to do for each day, will help you plan out how much time you are willing to do for each activity, so you are not rushing at the last minute to put everything together. Just by adding the extra time to write things out in a planner, you will save a substantial amount of time and stress from procrastinating and struggling to make the dead line of the writing assignment. Not only will an agenda help, but also so will a clean, and organized room specialized for academic work. Knowing exactly where all your homework and assignments are will save time. Being able just to sit down and reach for exactly what you need. Your work place can be anywhere that you feel you will be the least distracted and in a good, peaceful mind set.
Poor prioritizing is a key issue contributing to procrastination, for example, putting a TV episode ahead of an assignment that is due, is poor prioritizing. “It’s okay, I can do it after this episode” something that way too many people have said, including me, meanwhile you end up binge watching episodes of a new season of the new TV show hit. Many students brush off assignments thinking that if they wait till the last day to even start an assignment it will turn out good, as good as that sounds, it rarely happens. In reality, you stress out and end up having writers block or not able to produce the best that you can truly put out. Now I am not saying that you should eat and breathe school, but to stand back and look at how important school really is. I find it very helpful to sit down and just think how much procrastination can really affect the rest of my life, and I do not want to keep putting off so many important academic opportunities to better my grades and myself.
Feeling more confident with the way you write ties into perfectionism and the procrastination dilemma. By being too critical with your writing process, and the words that come from your mind, you may put the actual assignment aside and continue to just put it off. Some people may have turned into perfectionists just by rereading their first draft and having to see all the imperfections and then forcing them to dislike their own writing. So just by understanding that the rough draft is simply a rough draft, so there will be imperfections, which is why you reread it; revising whatever is needed. Everyone has imperfections in their writing within the rough draft; Shakespeare didn't come up with his plays on the first go without any revising or imperfections. Being comfortable with your mistakes and understanding that they are normal will help the fact, however, being a perfectionist isn’t all that helpful with your...

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