How Would Improving Your Listening Skills Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Communication In The Workplace?

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Improving my listening skills at work would increase the effectiveness of my communication because the person or people that are talking to me or trying to explain something to me will know that I am being attentive they will know that they can trust that I am hearing what they are saying, understanding what they are saying, and most importantly hear what they are saying. I know that if my managers know that I am actively listening it could definitely have positive outcomes on where I want to be in my career. The main strategy of effective listening that ...view middle of the document...

It would also force me to ask questions because I know myself personally, if I am not actively listen my mind wanders on to other things and I won’t ask questions and I won’t retain a word that was said.
These same techniques can help me in my personal life as well because a lot of times my husband will have important information that he needs to discuss with me, and to be honest with you I would really only use my selective listening because I am so tired from what has been going on all day that I am not being fully attentive. So in my personal life I would also work on mindfulness and active listening skills. In my personal life I will work on clearing my head and focusing on what my husband is saying and I will work on responding appropriately so that he knows that I am listening because right now he doesn’t think I hear a word he says expect what I want to hear. In a lot of cases he is right, but I will work on changing. The same as I think active and mindful listening can get me further in my career path it can help keep my relationship strong.
Wood, J. (2010). Interpersonal communication: Everyday encounters. Boston, MA: Wadsworth.

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