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Hr Planning Mid Term Essay

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* Strategy is a planned process whereby organizations can
map out a set of objectives and methods of meeting this
* Corporate strategies is a company-wide strategies that are
concerned with the long-term view of the organization
* Business strategies focus on one line of business; building
a strong competitive position
* Three corporate strategies (Restructuring, Growth and
* Strategy is like a game plan in sports or an airline’s flight
plan. It is important to have a plan that moves towards goal
achievement, however, there must be flexibility and
adaptability to adjust to internal and external environmental
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* Core competencies - resources and capabilities that serve
as a firm’s competitive advantage
* Dynamic Capabilities - the ability to adapt and renew
competencies in accordance with changing business
* Value proposition - a statement f the fundamental benefits
of the products or services being offered in the market
* Strategic implementation - the process by which a strategy
is pit into action
* Program - the steps or activities necessary to accomplish a
* Procedures - the steps that are required to get a job done

* Strategic HRM is a set of distinct but interrelated practices,
policies, and philosophies that facilitate the attainment of
the organizational strategy.
* Linking HR Processes to Strategy
* Start with organizational strategy and then create HR
* Start with HR competencies and then create corporate
strategies based on these competencies
* Do a combination of both in a form of reciprocal
* Concurrent strategy formulation is a strategy development
based on environmental analysis is conducted at the same
time that HRM issues are considered
* The purpose of HR strategy is to capitalize on the
distinctive competencies of the organization and to add
value through the effective use of human resources
* External Fit: fitting HR strategy to organizational strategy
* Internal Fit: linking the various HR programs to other
functional areas and to each other

* Environmental scanning is the systematic monitoring of
trends affecting the organization
* The goal of environmental scanning is to identify trends in
the external environment that might affect the formulation
and implementation of both organizational and HR
* Scanning is an attempt to identify early signals of changes
and trends in the environment. This information is
ambiguous, incomplete and unconnected.
* Monitoring is a systematic approach to following some key
indicators that may affect the organization, such as
absenteeism rate in the working population due to a certain
type of illness or legislative change
* Forecasting - after monitoring a trend, an attempt is made
to project the possible impact on the organization.
* Assessing is an attempt to describe the impact of the
monitored trend on the organization, and make a judgment
of the probability of several possible outcome.
Chapter 10: Downsizing and Structuring
Recruitment and Selection:
- Hiring Freeze
Training and Development
Change Management
Stress Management
Resume/Career Plan Training
Survivor Training - new skills
Communication (e-newsletter, town hall, messages)
*Create Transition team


HR Planning
- Communication (e-newsletter, town hall, messages)
*Create Transition team
- Identify Who stays/who goes
- Realignment of workload
- Future work plans
Compensation and Benefits
- Pay Freeze
- Provide laid off employees with taxi chit
- Severance Packages - has to align with laws...

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