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Hris Project Essay

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The need for training and development is determined by the employee’s performance deficiency, computed as follows:

|Training and development needs = |
|Standard performance – Actual performance |

We can make a distinction among training, education and development. Such distinctions enables us to acquire a better perspective about the meaning if the term training. Which refers to the process of imparting specific skills, Education, on the other hand is confined theoretically learning in classroom

To distinct more, the training is offered in case of operatives whereas development programs are conducted for employees at higher levels. Education however is common to all the employees.

Inputs in Training and Development

Any training and development programme must contain inputs which enable the participants to gain skills, learn theoretical concepts and help acquire vision to look into the distant future. The inputs of training and development are as follows:

1) Skills
2) Education
3) Development
4) Ethics
5) Attitudinal Changes
6) Decision making and problem solving skills

1) Skills

Training is imparting skills to the employees. A worker needs skills to operate machines, and use other equipments with least damage and scrap. This is basic skills without which the operator will not function.
There is also a need of motor skills or psychomotor skills as they are refer to performance of specific physical activities .These skills involve learning to move various parts of their body in response to certain external and internal stimuli. Employees particularly like supervisors and executives, need interpersonal skills mostly know as people skills. These skills helps a person understand oneself and others better and act accordingly. Examples of interpersonal skills include listening. Persuading and showing an understanding of others feelings

2) Education

The purpose of education is to teach theoretical concepts and develop a sense of reasoning and judgment. That any training and development programme must contain an element of education is well understood by the HR specialist.
In fact, sometimes, organizations depute or encourage employees to do courses on a part time basis. Chief executive officers (CEO’s) are known to attend refresher course conducted in many Business schools. The late Manu Chabria, CMD, Shaw Wallace, attended such a two month programme at the Harvard business school. Education is more important for managers and executives than for lower-cadre workers.

3) Development

Another component of a training and development programme is development which is less skill –...

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