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Hrm Case Essay

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Incident 6-1: Human Resource Planning—What Is That?
1. How would you answer the president’s question?
Human Resource Planning is process of determining the human resource needs of an organization and ensuring that the organization has the right number of qualified people in the right jobs at the right time. Human Resource Planning consists of 4 steps which are (1) determining the impact of the organization’s objectives on specific organizational units, (2) defining the skills, expertise, and total number of employees required to achieve the organizational and departmental objectives, (3) determining the additional human resource requirements in light of the organization’s current human ...view middle of the document...

The success of HRP depends largely on how closely the human resource department can integrate effective people planning with the organization’s business planning process. The planning process should provide, first is a clear statement of the organization’s mission. The second is a commitment from staff members to the mission. And then the third is an explicit statement of assumptions. And the last is a plan of action in light of available or acquirable resources, including trained and talented people. The business can then decide on the design, policies and practices that will need to be followed in order to carry out the overall business strategy. In order for human resources to function properly, forecasts should be made about the workforce size and job structures. The final step of the human resources planning process should be designing benchmarks and measurements to make sure that the department is meeting performance expectations.

Incident 6-2: A New Boss
1. Do you think Sam Kutzman was a good choice for temporary section chief?
I think Sam Kutzman is not a good choice for being the temporary section chief, he has no experience or background in this division. Even though he may have some type of supervisory or management skills because he was a senior engineer in the other division, but I think they are probably not the necessary skills to manage that division. In my opinion, I would have recommended Waymon Burrell instead of Sam Kutzman for the position. Even though both Waymon Burrell and Sam Kutzman are senior engineers, Waymon Burrell is the most experienced with the workings of the grants department. Paul Wagner‘s departure made Burrell the most experienced with the workings of the grants department. Waymon Burrell has had 3 year experience in the grants department. He could handle the most complicated projects within the state. He had better hands-on familiarity and conceptual knowledge than anyone else in the company. On the other hand, Sam Kutzman totally has no experience with grants. Even though I think Sam Kutzman is not suitable for the position, but there are also some advantages from...

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