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Hrm Diversity Management Essay

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Define diversity management and explain, with examples, some of the benefits of employing workers from diverse backgrounds to a) an organisation which employs them, and b) the other employees who work with them.

Diversity refers to the variety of age, gender, race, cultural difference in the workplace. More recently, workforce diversity has come to include sexual orientation and physical and intellectual disability, together with other specific categories of employees.
For the effective management of the diverse culture specific strategies with policies like providing equal opportunity for all were employed. And these policies are legally required too.
Diversity management is no more than a strategy to create opportunities to attract the brightest talent from the entire human resource pool ...view middle of the document...

E.g. about 150-200 mothers were on maternity leave and almost 97% of them were came back to the job after the leave.

Other Benefits includes
* The diversity management strategies are likely to provide opportunities for disadvantaged groups this in turn gain the both the primary & secondary stakeholder’s support.
* Enhance competitive advantage by attracting and recruiting talents from a wider source (women, disabled, senior workers, different culture different religious beliefs and different language ability).
* The workforce participation and contribution were maximised.
* Allowed the company to grown business in new markets and improved the capacity for innovation.
* Enabled the organization to develop a strong, ethical and inclusive culture and allowed everyone in the company to reach their full potential.

Benefits to the co-worker (colleagues)
The successful diversity initiatives are more than the policies and the goodwill. It offers the flexibility of work among the employees like job sharing. It helps to establish the networking groups, this group support individuals, reports on the barriers and difficulties, promote attitudinal change and reinforce that at IBM it’s okay to be yourself.
The diverse culture builds the caring, sharing workplaces in a volatile, sometimes hostile global environment where downsizings and retrenchment are integral.

Other Benefits includes
* Talent and potentials were respected.
* A diverse work setting allowed them to achieve their full potential in pursuit of personal growth and organisational objectives.
* Co-workers suffers less discrimination in terms of cultural differences, sexual orientation, disability, gender discrimination, age bias.
* Absence of prejudices and stereotyping.
* Experience less or minimum intergroup conflicts.

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