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Hrm Training Essay

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Employee Training and Career Development
Jimmy Thompson
August 17, 2013
Dr. Tim Lolatte

Employee Training and Career Development
Organizations could not properly function without employees. Whether it be a small to a large corporation, employees are what make an organization. Ensuring that the organization’s employees are well taken care of is vital to success and the human resources department is the tool that will help make the organization a successful business; therefore it is important that the HRM properly help to coordinate employee training programs, as well as career development programs for the employees.
Role of Training
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There are on the job and off the job training methods for employees. On the job methods usually consist of job rotations and off the job is often times taking the training in a classroom setting.
Employee Development Methods
Unlike employee training which is focused on the present day, employee development is more focused on the employee’s future career (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007, p. 211). The employee development consists of education, which is something that will help an employee expand their overall knowledge and skills, thus benefits the organization, as they now have an employee who is more of a valuable asset. There are several different methods that can be utilized to help with an employee’s development. Job rotation, which explained earlier, is an on the job method. Job rotation is a great method as it will allow the employee to experience other positions and helps to expand their skills and abilities. An interesting developmental method is the assistant-to method, which is a method where an employee will work directly with a supervisor or manager as their “assistant.” This method is very beneficial to the employee, as they will get to learn different managerial duties and the decisions that are made due to certain situations. Communication in an organization is imperative and allowing employees to express their ideas for how the organization can develop or help to change something is important. A method that allows for this type of communication is the committee assignment method. This is a method where an employee has a part in some decision making, which is helpful to an employee as they can learn to think critically in important decisions for the organization. A beneficial and more traditional method of employee development is thru lectures or seminars, usually in a classroom setting. Organizations may do this method on site or may send the employee somewhere else that offers the education. However, with the growing trend in technology, many organizations offer distant learning, which is online classes. This is extremely helpful to employees as they can do the work after hours and is more convenient to both the organization and employee. Another helpful and important method is thru simulations, which is a method that is almost identical to the organization and is done thru case studies, decision games, and role plays (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007, p. 213). The simulations may often times put the employee in a position, such as a management position where they have to make decisions and think like management. Lastly, a method that involves the use of teams and cooperation, is the outdoor training method. This is usually a method conducted outdoors in the wilderness and requires employees to work with one another. This method helps to teach the employees that working together is important and crucial in the workplace.
Employee and Organizational Development
An organization cannot...

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