Html Essay

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1. HTML stands for what?
Hyper Text Markup Language
2. The end tag is written like the start tag, with a forward slash before the tag name.
3. Start and end tag are also called opening tags and closing tags.
4. "HTML tags" and "elements" are often used to describe the same thing.
5. An HTML element is everything between the start tag and the end tag, including the tags
6. The purpose of a web browser is to read HTML documents and display them as web pages.
7. HTML elements with no content are called empty elements.
8. HTML headings are defined with the <h1> to <h6> tags.
9. HTML paragraphs are defined with the <p> tag.
10. Links are specified in HTML using the <a> tag.
11. The href attribute Specifies the destination of a link.
12. The target attribute Specifies where to open the linked ...view middle of the document...

Which tag defines subscripted text? <sub>
23. Which tag defines superscripted text? <sup>
24. Which tag defines inserted text? <ins>
25. Which tag defines deleted text? <del>
26. Which tag defines a computer code text? <code>
27. Which tag defines a long quotation? <blockquote>
28. Which tag defines short quotation? <q>
29. Which tag defines a citation? <cite>
30. Which tag defines an image? <img />
31. Name the different attribute associated with HTML Image.
Src Attribute, Alt Attribute, Set Height and Width of an Image.
32. Which tag defines a table? <table>
33. Which tag defines a table header? <th>
34. Which tag defines a table row? <tr>
35. Which tag defines a table cell? <td>
36. Which tag defines a table caption? <caption>
37. Which tag defines an ordered list? <ol>
38. Which tag defines an unordered list? <ul>
39. Which tag defines a list item? <li>
40. Which tag defines a div? <div>
41. Which tag defines a span? <span>
42. Which tag is used to create an HTML form? <form>
43. What is the most important form element? input element
Text fields, password field, radio buttons, checkboxes, submit button.
44. A <!DOCTYPE> declaration helps the browser to display a web page correctly.
45. Which tag defines information about the document? <head>
46. Which tag defines the title of a document? <title>
47. Which tag defines metadata about an HTML document? <meta />
48. A URL is another word for a web address.
49. XTML stands for what? EXtensible HyperText Markup Language
50. How to convert HTML to XTML?
I. Add an XHTML <!DOCTYPE> to the first line of every page
II. Add an xmlns attribute to the html element of every page
III. Change all element names to lowercase
IV. Close all empty elements
V. Change all attribute names to lowercase
VI. Quote all attribute values

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