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Hull House Essay

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Concerning numerous researches that have been conducted, it was found that Hull House was a form of settlement house that was located in the United States of America and it was co-founded in 1889.Besides that, the co-founders of this form of the settlement were Jane Adams and Ellen Gates Starr. Various forms of analysis reveal that this form of settlement is based in the Near West Side of Chicago in Illinois [1]. This form of settlement opened its doors to the various forms of newly arriving Europeans immigrants. Over numerous years, Hull House had the capabilities of attracting some of the brightest women in the nation. However, the ...view middle of the document...

Another milestone that can be seen at this from a settlement is that there was also the establishment of the playground that used to serve as a platform where educational and political reforms were addressed. However, in 1893, the playground was opened. The main reason behind why this form of the playground was opened was based on ensuring that the rights of the kids were respected by making sure that they never went dull after they have left their respective classes. From analysis of Hull House, it can be seen that this form of settlement was mainly concerned with the rights of women and also the improvements of children rights to ensure that at no time did those children suffered[4].

With regard to the community that was residing in Hull House, this form of community ensured that there was not at any given time did any gives children were mistreated by anybody. This can be seen to be evident based on the fact that the region was based on need for ensuring that the rights were guaranteed to everyone who used to reside in that region. Due to various forms of reforms that were agitated by the new migrants of this region, then the people of female descent were also attracted to the region which led to rise of a prominent movement of women who were always agitating for various forms of reforms...

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