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Hum/100 Introduction to the Humanities
September 1, 2011

In ancient Greece and Rome many gods and goddesses were worshiped, a famous god that the Greek and Romans worshiped was the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the great Olympian, goddess of beauty, love and pleasure and procreation. Another famous god during the Greek and Roman times was Eros, the god of love. The Romans and the Greeks often used the word “Eros” as a way to express a sexual desire. The Romans and Greeks also expressed sexuality through their art, because they loved and admired the human body. Because of the Greek and Romans admiration of the human body is why their statues were usually without clothing.

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All of these actions were common in Greek culture, but it was the older man who was to be the pursuer, and the boy that was supposed to be shy and not readily willing to surrender to the man’s advances. This was an honorable way of pursuing pederasty and was thought of as educational and good for the younger boys. Compared to today’s state and federal laws where it is illegal for an adult to pursue sexual advances with a minor in any social setting regardless of gender. Another major difference is the view on homosexuals in the military, in recent times “The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” rule states that if you were a homosexual you could serve in the military as long as you did not openly express your sexual orientation. As of December 2010 Federal Law makers repealed the “The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law.

Literature, art, philosophy, and law were all major aspects of life in the ancient world; all of which portrayed outright expressions of homosexuality. Homosexuality was often displayed in different forms of art, one example being a vase with paintings that displays a group of males standing around in the nude. Art just like homosexuality was part of everyday life and it was...

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