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Human Relations Essay

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Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

I learned that I…am mainly an assertive person. There are certain situations that have happened in my life when I have been nonassertive. I have avoided some conflict with my husband because he can be aggressive and I would not respond with assertiveness.
I realized that I…have had conflict with people of different dirty fighting techniques. What I didn’t realize is ...view middle of the document...

I have also dealt with a few martyrs through my adult life.
I discovered that I…do need to work on the “I” message more. I used to believe that if I used the word “I” message, I was being selfish. I might not have been using it correctly. After reading and learning the true meaning of the “I” message, I will practice it more.
I was surprised that I…have used the Accommodating strategy in my past relationships quite often. I use the Compromising strategy now and would like to use the Collaborating strategy much more often. It will only happen if I am the only one willing to use it.
I was pleased that I…have learned more about myself and how I resolve interpersonal conflict. I have also learned more about how people around me resolve conflict.
I was displeased that I…discovered I have a tendency to feel guilty when I say no to someone. I am a natural caregiver and always want to help others. I need to learn to say no without the guilt and without feeling that I need to give a big explanation when I do say no. Reading the pointers on how to say no without guilt with help me master the “No” word.

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