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Human Resource Management Essay

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International Advanced Diploma in Business HR Management Unifit

Examination Cycle: December 2008 Candidate Name: NCC Education Candidate No: Submission Date: Important Notes:
Plagiarism – using the thoughts or writings of others as though they were your own without acknowledgment – is an offence. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the NCC Education Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy. Any thoughts, ideas or quotations which don’t belong to you must be fully attributed to their sources using the appropriate in-text citation and a bibliography as described in the Harvard Referencing System. Authors’ work that is used in ...view middle of the document...

There are various components to the scenario, and the tasks described below address these components. Your role and background is that of an HRM generalist out-placement consultant who has been called to provide observations and suggestions to the current situation. Therefore, this assignment requires knowledge of: • • Human resource management as a discipline Organisational development as a process

You have just taken on a new job with Talent Plus Consultancy, which is an out-placement agency in your country dealing with HRM related inquiries from organisations worldwide. Organisations will call Talent Plus and ask for specialist advice on HRM matters. You have just been contacted by Unifit, an organisation that provides uniforms to such organisations as the police, fire, hotel and restaurant industries in the United Kingdom. It specialises in the provision and cleaning of these uniforms. Its business has grown substantially in recent years, and at times it has found it difficult to keep up with demand. Unifit has recently been putting a lot of effort into reducing costs. As a result, the increasing demand for its products has put pressure on the current workforce. The heightened demand for uniforms without increasing the labour force has meant that some mistakes have been made in production, thus reducing quality. This has resulted in an increase in customer complaints, and potentially the loss of business. Unifit’s employees have complained about working long hours without adequate rest, which adversely affects motivation. This has left less time available to spend with their families. Thus, the balance between their home and work lives is unsatisfactory. The employees have asked for more people to be recruited to help with the high workload. Consequently, the performance of some employees has dropped, which is reflected in performance appraisals. Employees have blamed some of this on lack of training to keep up with new developments in manufacturing processes and customer relations. In addition, there have been complaints about lower than industry pay increases for the last two years. Last year, their pay increase was 12% below the industry average. As a result, the trade union has become involved and has begun threatening industrial action. The Unifit Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is well aware of the issues described above, and wants to address these before they become more of a problem. However, because of the pressing need to recruit qualified staff, address motivation, ensure high performance with appropriate pay and rewards and effective relationships with the trade unions, the CEO has decided to call Talent Plus Consultancy to assist with these -demanding issues. He has just spoken with you and asked for your advice.

The aim of this assignment is for you to address task questions in the section below. The specific task areas are in recruitment and selection, motivation, reward, employee relations, and the strategic aspects...

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