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Human Resources In India Essay

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Enterprise Architecture Program

Key Initiative Overview


Enterprise Architecture Program

Key Initiative Overview

Richard Buchanan Research Managing Vice President
This overview provides a high-level description of the Enterprise Architecture Program Key Initiative. IT leaders can use this guide to understand what they need to do to prepare for this initiative.

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a strategic planning process that translates an enterprise’s business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change. The EA program institutes a collaborative, shared planning process. EA teams work with business and IT stakeholders to define a future-state vision in ...view middle of the document...

The phases may vary depending on the problems you are trying to solve and the decisions you are trying to make: • Strategize and plan: Gain agreement on the major problems to be solved; charter the EA program; and develop a future-state description comprising the requirements, principles and models. • Assess current state: Identify your current level of strategic and EA maturity; gather existing documents that describe your business and technology capabilities, practices, formal process models, data and systems. • Assess competencies: Identify budgetary, staffing and other requirements to prepare the business for the analysis of strategy. Review the established budgeting mechanisms and processes used in the business and strategic-planning organizations, and consider refining them. • Gain approval: Leveraging the charter from phase one, provide business and IT executives with a formal plan, and bring business and IT experts together for a shared strategic-planning exercise. Develop the requirements, and assess the results. • Implement: Analyze the findings from strategic-planning and EA efforts to prioritize the gaps to be filled. Develop investment plans using business cases that emerged from EA efforts. Present the findings to stakeholders and leaders to get investment plans approved. • Operate and evolve: Improve and refine your efforts. Over time, the future state will be articulated in greater detail.
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Enterprise Architecture Program

Key Initiative Overview

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Strategize and plan
The CFO’s Essential Guide to Enterprise Architecture ID: G00167209 CFO concerns and enterprise architecture issues align in many areas, but a lack of dialogue between the two parties often prevents the synthesis of results. Enterprise architects and CFOs will find a morecollaborative relationship to be mutually beneficial. Five Best Practices for Building the Enterprise Architecture Team ID: G00164979 One of the greatest challenges faced by chief architects is to facilitate, engage, inspire and coordinate people from across the enterprise to work as a team. Failure in this critical activity can doom an EA initiative. Enterprise Architecture Research Index: Integrating Enterprise Architecture With Business Strategy ID: G00166041 This research index presents Gartner’s considerable published research on improving the business strategy alignment of enterprise architecture work, with specific focus on the business context and common requirements vision definition.

Assess current state
Five Questions the CIO Should Be Asking About Enterprise Architecture ID:...

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