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Human Resources Management Essay

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internal mobility of employees, negotiation With workers, fixation and
implementation of rules and regulations regarding wages, salary, allowances
and benefits to the workers. The philosophy of the company was based
on Total Quality Management (TQM) and Kaizen. The company was highly
environment-friendly and was oriented towards customer’s satisfaction.
Fragrance was facing an acute crisis due to high rate of absenteeism
among its permanent workers. The losses were soaring high. There was ...view middle of the document...

The benefits were provided as per the Employees State Insurance
Act. The data collected revealed that 36% of the absenteeism was due to
transportation problem, 48% was because of the workers staying away from
their families, 52% due to festivals, 32% due to farming, 48% on account
of alcholism, 80% on account of social occasions/marriages and 76% due t
Counseling sessions were held for the workers in order to increase
their awareness. The company also introduced the philosophy of workers
participation in the management to increase their involvement and
commitment towards the work. The practice of organizing picnics, festival
celebration, informal get-togethers, and sports activities were also adopted
to increase the commitment. Regularity was made an important component
of performance appraisal and promotion. After one year, Gyanchand was
highly perplexed to see only a negligible improvement in the report of the
survey conducted by the personnel administration department. The rate
of absenteeism had dropped by only 3%, i.e. from. 20% to 17% in spite of
introducing the aforesaid schemes

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