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Human Resources Policies And Practices Essay

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P1.1Explain Guest’s model of HRM:
David Guest's (1989, 1997) model of HRM has 6 dimensions of analysis:
HRM strategy
HRM practices
HRM outcomes
Behavior outcomes
Performance outcomes
Financial outcomes
The model is prescriptive in the sense that it is based on the assumption that HRM is distinctively different from traditional personnel management (rooted in strategic management, etc.).
It is idealistic, implicitly embodying the belief that fundamental elements of the HRM approach (essentially those of the Harvard map) such as commitment have a direct relationship with valued business consequences. However, Guest has acknowledged that the concept of commitment is 'messy' and that ...view middle of the document...

The need to gain commitment of employees, the interests of management and employees should coincide, integration and team work.
Resource Management. Storey sees Personnel management as management of the workforce or employees to comply with rules as required by the owners of business. It’s mostly concerned with recruitment, pay roll and employment laws. He therefore sees PM “as being bureaucratic, based on rules and procedures and seen as a separate function from general management.
Storey came up with 27 key points to differentiate between PM/IR and HRM. Some of these have been seen in the table below.
Dimensions Personnel and IR HRM
Beliefs and assumptions
1. Contract  (Careful delineation of written contracts) (Aim to go beyond contract)
2. Rules (Importance of devising clear rules/mutually) (Can-do' outlook Impatience with rule)
3. Guide to management action (Procedures) (Business-need)
4. Behavior referent (Norms/custom and practice) (Norms/custom and practice)
5. Managerial task vis-à-vis labour (Monitoring) (Nurturing)
6. Nature of relations (Pluralist) (Unitarist)
7. Conflict  (Institutionalized) (De-emphasized)
Strategic aspects
8. Key relations (Labour management) (Customer)
9. Initiatives (Piecemeal) (Integrated)
10. Corporate plan (Marginal) (Central)
11. Speed of decision (Slow) (Fast)
Line management
12. Management role (Transactional) (Transformational leadership)
13. Key managers (Personnel/ IR specialists) (General/business/line managers)

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