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Human Rights Or Human Wrongs Essay

770 words - 4 pages

Name: Muhammad Aamar Farooq Shahid
Reg # CIIT/FA14-EMBA-016/CVC
Course Code: MGT 495
Assignment 1
Case # 01
Q. How to avoid such work related conflict?
Conflict is a part of everyday life. There is conflict at home, at work, with friends, and even conflict in nature. The fact that conflict occurs isn’t the issue, but how to go about resolving conflict is what matters most. As a manager, the last thing you want is to have conflict between employees compromising all the positive energy in the workplace, creating a stressful and unproductive work environment.
Positively Encouraging
Alan should be positive and give your intention to the employees. Doing ...view middle of the document...

In this case Compromise Style of work is best. Because the Alan is promoted and his team continues to treat him in the same as they did before the promotion. This is the difficult when challenging the standard of work that is produced. And half of the team distances themselves from Alan. So Alan should compromise the situation.

Q. 3 Find a common ground which they can both agree on?
Alan has seen a wide range of different conflict. Jessica becomes more difficult to work with, and Alan thinks she is annoyed that she was not offered the promotion, and Jessica gets more experience from the Alan working style. Jessica want to become the successful manger.

Q.4 Spot the way to get them working together as a team again?
There are different types of personalities, behavioral styles, personal and business problems people have, there are some basic day-to-day strategies you can encourage and develop within your team of managers and employees. These simple strategies can go a long way in building a healthy organizational culture, and grow a successful and profitable company.
First, set an example by giving respect to others in your company. By being an example, you create a powerful walking, talking illustration of how you want your people to treat each other. Using your position...

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