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Human Service Organizations Skills Essay

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Statement of opportunity

The statement of opportunity is a statement showing how your organization can turn the problem (a weaker economy and people losing their jobs) into an opportunity. Your organization provides training to these people so they are marketable for higher paying positions. Human services can help with providing education in a wide variety along with helping in interventions. Caseworkers provide services to individual clients and possibly groups with various needs. I believe that the main goal would be to teach people who have drop out of school how to regain their independence and become a productive person within their communities once again. Human services can help ...view middle of the document...

That human resources planning can contribute to achieving an organization’s optimal personnel profile. These additional objectives may propose changes in organizational structure, jobs design, and motivation and reward system, or any of the components of the human resources system. In translating desired outcomes into goals, objectives, and activities, human resources planners should carefully consider the appropriate target of change. Options may include such factors as organizational culture and philosophy, agency policy, or procedures and practices.

Community Environment Factors

Community environment factors are factors that affect the organization in its current environment. The loss in property taxes caused high schools to loose teachers and funding. This is why the dropout rate has increased so much in fact your organization is implementing this program to combat the drop out rate. Competition financial resources and employment are all environment factors. I cannot see any listed competitors. The lack of employment in the area may drive people to seek out your organizations services. Some major factors for leaving school were not motivated or inspired classes were not interesting or missed to many days and could not catch up. Spent time with people who were not interested in school and had too much freedom and not enough rules in life. This caused them to fail classes and got left repeating the same grade. Some of these students that drop out have socio-economic background, disabilities, race ethnicities, academic factors, absenteeism, occupational aspirations. Also moving during high school, misbehaving, poor academic, grade retention and the feeling of students that no adults care for his or her welfare. The needs of the people that have dropped out of school is continuously changing and evolving. We must change our strategies to make sure we are meeting these needs and helping the community environment. The constant change of the economy makes it difficult for them to stay stable. We must also look for ways to address old problems that have hinder the resolution and poverty with high school drops around the world. Human services are we have to look at what human services do for people in the communities.

Human Resources and Budget
Program Budget for Year One
Local government workforce agency—Line-item budget

Revenue $1,600,000

Executive director $100,000
Training supervisor $80,000
Trainers $500,000
Administrative coordinator $45,000
Administrative staff $75,000
Total salaries and wages $800,000
Employee-related benefit expenses @ 25% $200,000

Operating expenses
Rent $125,000
Overhead costs $100,000
Utilities $100,000
Office supplies $25,000
Equipment/lease $50,000

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