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Humans And Technology Essay

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Humans and Technology |
Com220 week 7 Rough Draft of Research Paper |
Kelli McArthur |

Is technology crippling or critiquing us as humans? Every day we all use some type of technology for our daily activities and to communicate to others. Have you ever thought what will we do if we had no technology to use anymore? Does the human brain depend on technology to think for the human brain? How will the human brain and technology advance? Although technology is used on a daily basis we can still advance our brains just as technology advances. Human should use technology to strengthen their minds and bodies to advance in life, instead of using technology as a replacement.
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“Sufferers are unable to control their use of the Internet, leading to distress and functional impairment of general life such as academic performance, social interaction, occupational interest, and behavioral problems.”(Evans-Pughe, 2005) With this the brain becomes weak and dependent on technology to function instead of the brain functioning without the use of technology. Physical sports are simulated more virtually than physically from children to adults.
The human brain depends on technology for normal activities, social meetings, and this has made the human brain dependent and technology to advance. Normal activities are being used through technology rather than engaging in person. Some people are comfortable with the usage of technology than not using technology. The virtual world’s that have been created as a fantasy world allows people to live in a world inside of another. Once you experience a virtual world you will find yourself not able to mentally function in the real world naturally anymore. The virtual worlds also help humans that cannot physically interact with others do to health and physical problems such as HIV-AIDS and physical disabilities.
Technology has advanced so much that individuals use the internet in place of physical interactions. Today, dating...

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